Zwick/Roell LTM-5

Dynamic axial mechanical testing


The LTM-5 from Zwick/Roell is an electric dynamic axial testing system which is based on the linear motor technology. The machine supports static and dynamic tests up to 5kN and 100Hz. Flat and cylindrical samples can be gripped and aligned with the mounted pneumatic grips. Custom mounts can be manufactured in the workshop of the BMLAB.

The LTM-5 provides the perfect environment for fatigue and lifetime testing.


Static force capacity+/- 3,5 kN
Dynamic force capacity+/- 5 kN
Test space width max.460 mm
Test space height max.781 mm
Piston length max.+/- 30 mm
Frequency max.100 Hz
Speed range1 mm/min – 1,5 m/s
Position resolution+/- 2 µm
Pressure in the clamping supply line max.15 bar
Clamp space32 x 28 x 9mm (space between clamp wedges)