Preparation Devices

Diamond bandsaw, diamond circular saw, polishing machine

dissection A dissection table, including a cleanable vise enables for clean and tidy investigation-, dissection- and preparation of tissues. Vaccuum and pressurized air are supplied.









exakt The Exact-300 CL bandsaw provides a solution for precise cutting of hard tissue, metals and composites using a diamond blade. The cutting edge is cooled by constant water irrigation. Thin parallel cuts are achived by a parallel guide. The samples can be aligned with a laser guidance system.

Blade speed10 - 560 m/min
Cutting force0.5 - 1 N
Cutting length max.140 x 90 mm
Test piece width max.140 mm
Motor power120 W

isomet The Buehler Isomet 1000 circular saw can be used for cutting hard tissue, metals and composites using a thin diamond blade. The cutting edge is cooled by a water bath.

Cutting depth max.37 mm
Motor speed0 - 975 U/min
Motor Power90 W

polishing The Buehler MetaServ 250 polishing machine is used for polishing even surfaces of bone or other hard materials. The abrasion is achieved by grinding/polishing paper that is constantly rinsed with water or polishing cloth that is soaked with diamond slurry.

The system includes a automatic sample holder that ensures constant pressure on the sample and stops after a defined polishing duration.

Plate diameter250 mm
Motor power300 W
Plate rotation speed50 - 500 U/min
Kind of preparationsemiautomatic
Sample capacity1 - 4