HBM QuantumX and Sensors

Universal data acquisition system (DAQ)


The HBM QuantumX MX840B is a universal data aquisition module. Sensors and transducers based on 17 different sensor technologies can be connected to each of the 8 available channels.

The universal modules provide a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, sample rates of 40 kS/s per channel, and active low-pass filters and are renowned for their high precision.

The amplifier can be directly connected to both Zwick testing machines to sync data acquisition.

Accuracy class: up to 0.05%
Sample rate per channel: up to 40 kS/s


Available Sensors in the BMLAB

Spec.DescriptionPc. avail.
1-S2M/10N-1Single axis loadcell S2M/10N1
1-S2M/100N-1Single axis loadcell S2M/100N1
1-S2M/500N-1Single axis loadcell S2M/500N1
1-U10M/5KNSingle axis loadcell U10M/5kN1
1-U10M/25KNSingle axis loadcell U10M/25kN1
1-WA/20MM-TDisplacement sensor WA/20mm3
K-MCS106-axis Loadcell MCS10, Capacity: 5/5/25kN 350/350/350Nm (x-y-z)1