GOM Aramis

Optical 3D strain- and displacement tracking

aramis.jpg The GOM Aramis is an optical measurement system for the 3D tracking of surface strains and/or individual markers on samples with high accuracy. For strain field measurements, the sample surface has to be covered with a speckle pattern. Measurement volumes can be changed incrementally by replacing the camera profile (metal part between cameras).

The system can be synchronized to measurements on the Z030 or LTM5 axial testing machines



Resolution max.6M (2752x2200)
Recording rate (full screen) max.25 Hz
Recording rate (binning mode) max.44 Hz
Facet size min.15x15 Pixel (2 Pixel overlap)
Available camera profile(s)P 150mm
Measurement distance for P 150mm350mm
Measurement volume for P 150mm30x20x10mm to 150x120x90mm