Biomechanics Lab (BMLAB)

(english only)

The biomechanics laboratory (BMLAB) belongs to the Division Biomechanics at the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences.

The BMLAB focuses on investigating the mechanical- and morphological properties of biological materials. Special emphasis is laid on musculoskeletal tissues such as bone, tendon and ligament. The lab is equipped with top systems from the field of mechanical testing and imaging. The experimental means include:

  • tensile testing (quasistatic and dynamic)
  • optical strain- and displacement tracking
  • micro computertomography (coming summer 2018)
  • precision 3D scanning
  • light microscopy
  • 3D printing
  • mechanical workshop
  • sample preparation and storage of biological tissues

A predominant part of the equipment belongs to the Core Facility at the Campus Krems, and was funded by the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich m.b.H. (GFF NÖ).

The BMLAB is open for cooperations and orders from 3rd parties - also from fields that are not related to biomechanics.




DI Dr. Andreas Reisinger, Laborleiter Biomechanik

DI Dr. Andreas Reisinger

Laboratory Head
DI Dr. Andreas Reisinger, Laborleiter Biomechanik

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Dieter Pahr

Head of Division Biomechanics